Hydraulic Systems
   Accumulator - Description
   Actuator - Description
   Check Valve - Desc.
   Directional Valves - Desc.
   Filter - Desc.
   Flow Control Valve - Desc.
   Hydraulic Fluid - Prop.
   Motor - Desc.
   Orifice Flow - Desc.
   Pipe Flow - Description
   Pipe Flow - Equations
   Power Control Unit - Desc.
   Pressure Regulating Valve - Desc.
   Pressure Relief Valve - Desc.
   Priority Valve - Desc.
   Pump - Desc.
   Reservoir - Desc.
   Seals - Desc.
   Servo - Desc.
   Servovalve - Desc.
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Hydraulic Systems

Information modules are provided under this link for aerospace hydraulic system design and components. Hydraulic components addressed include accumulator, actuator, valves, pump, motor, filter, power control units reservoir and servovalve. Pipe and orifice flow is also discussed.

For a more thorough discussion of aerospace hydraulic systems including design equations, component sizing and system design, the following book is available in ibooks. The book contains numerous solved problems and examples to enhance understanding.

Aerospace Hydraulic Systems - Wayne Stout Phd